Poppies Seeds – Fantastic White Poppy Varieties for Accents

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Oriental Poppy 'Louve'

Oriental Poppy ‘Louvre’

Using white flowers in the garden is a perfect way to add some important drama and contrast in your garden. Used with a darker tone of planting, white plants can offer important accents to draw the eye from one place to another. Meanwhile, for showcasing vibrant and vivid colored plants, a palette of pale creams and whites is ideal as the perfect backdrop to make bright hues really pop. Read more…

Poppy Seeds – California Poppy Rosa Romantica

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California Poppy – Rosa Romantica

There are an enormous range of California poppy seeds for you to enjoy, and filling your garden with as many specimens as possible can turn into a great hobby. Beautiful white varieties such as White Linen offer an early bloom to the garden in spring, while vibrant Jelly Beans gives a host of hues to excite borders with explosive color. But one of the loveliest varieties is that of the serenely named Rosa romantica.

As its name suggest this California poppy offers petals colored with a rose hue. However, the petals are patterned with additional colors of salmon pink and pale yellow, creating an amazing and stunning bloom that will really catch the eye. And, with the blooms also being double petaled Rose romantica really offers something special to any garden.

Like all California poppy Rosa romantica is an annual specimen which will bloom profusely throughout the year before dying off as the first frosts hit. However, with this plant developing hundreds of poppy seeds at the end of its flowering year you can easily collect and store the tiny seeds so that you can sow new plants the following year.

With such a stunning bloom Rosa romantic really looks best when planted in large groups on its own. Filling a container, hang basket or window box with this stunning variety will create a showy scene that will always stop you in your tracks. Meanwhile, if you want to plant it in borders ensure that you have a contrasting backdrop so as too really show blooms off. And once you have these poppy seeds in your garden you never want to be without them again.

For more information on this beautiful bloom and to buy seeds for your garden, visit One Stop Poppy Shoppe.com.

Bring A Smile With Feathery Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Raspberry Feathers'

Papaver laciniatum ‘Raspberry Feathers’

Whatever kind of garden you may have it will have a certain personality. Formed by the use of your favorite plants and colors some may aspire to create a sophisticated setting of clean lines, a carefully distinguished palette, and hard landscaping. Others may want a huge colorful blousy affair, full of vibrant blooms and scents. Whatever you’re personal preference, a garden’s ambiance is uniquely created by the gardener. If you want to add a fantastically dramatic and fun flower to your garden, feathery poppies ( Papaver laciniatum ) may just be the plant for you. Read more…

California Poppy Seeds – Orange and Pink Potted Poppies

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Brighten Walkways With Potted Poppies

California Poppy 'Rose Chiffon'

California Poppy 'Rose Chiffon'

Bringing some vibrant color to your porch is a fantastic way to welcome guests to your home. While window boxes can add a spectacle of color to your house, and hanging baskets can draw the eye to beautiful blooms, standing two pots of California poppy seeds by your porch will add dazzling color and easily bring smiles to friends and family’s faces. And with California poppies growing so easily in pots, they are ideal for such a use. Read more…

Fall Planting Poppy Seeds?

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While sowing Poppy Seeds is normally done in the spring, to get a jump on next year’s growing season you will want to consider fall planting your seeds. This will ensure early bountiful blooms when spring arrives.

Sow your seeds very late in fall as you do not actually want the seeds to germinate until the following season. The proper time to plant is when the soil is freezing at night but thawing during the day.

Sow your seeds in marked rows so the seedlings can easily be identified when they sprout in spring. Till your garden in advance and when the weather is right simply scatter the seed in the rows and press them into the soil with your garden rake. Giving these plants a head start on next year’s growing season is a fantastic way to grow early, big healthy plants. The melting of snow and early spring rains provide all the moisture that your seedlings will need. Also, a succession of seeds sown in March, April and May will extend your poppy season well into late spring.

And to learn more about planting and growing, visit the folks at One Stop Poppy Shoppe. A place bursting to life with beautiful Poppy Seeds for your flower garden. With an outstanding range of Poppy Seeds available, this site is your number one stop for finding the perfect poppies just for you. Catering to all your planting and growing needs and including some of the rarest and most difficult poppy flower seed varieties to find from around the world.

Creating A Tropical Flower Garden With Poppies

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Create A Tropical Exotic Looking Flower Border

Oriental Poppy 'Beauty Of Livermore'

Oriental Poppy 'Beauty Of Livermore'

With such an amazing range of hues available, the Oriental poppy family has something for everyone. And while the flowers may seem delicate and more suited to a cottage garden style, creating a tropical hot bed of color is easily done with some of the more vibrant specimens. If you want to create a tropical and exotic looking border, the best colors to use are those of red, orange, and yellow, with an added splash of purple if you wish. Depending on the other border planting you may have large gaps to fill in the spring, before many other tropical looking blooms have started to emerge. It is here that using Oriental poppies is ideal as they bloom easily and early in the summer season, providing some much needed color before the gardening year really gets started. Read more…

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Alpine Poppy Seeds – Papaver Alpinium

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Alpine Poppy

Alpine Poppy Seeds

An absolutely stunning variety, Papaver Alpinium is an wonderful plant to add to any garden, large or small. A petite species, this alpine specimen is especially ideal for rock gardens and offers a multitude of gorgeous multicolored flowers to brighten any space at all.

A true alpine poppy, this plant is a fantastic addition to any garden and can suit a number of locations. In the front of a flower border its beautiful satiny blooms of yellow, salmon, white, and orange hues will brighten up all aspects. Its’ small height of only six to eight inches makes it an ideal rock garden plant, container variety, or even a specimen to plant into a gravel walkway. Read more…

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Poppy Seeds – Create A Feminine Palette In Your Flower Garden

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Raspberry Laciniatum

Raspberry Laciniatum

If you’re trying to create a soft and girly garden, full of pinks and feminine colors, using poppy seeds too, is perfect. With such a great range of flower color and type, you can ensure that there is always something blooming. Meanwhile, with many varieties being annual, even at the start of your gardening exploits, before other plants have matured, you can ensure that there is a vibrant and cheerful feeling by adding poppies. Read more…

Poppy Seeds – Poppies in the Childrens Garden

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Poppy Seeds Purple Gleam

California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'

Introducing gardening to children at any early age is a great way to get young ones interested in nature. Putting in a few herbs or salad crops is a fantastic way to educate children as to where food comes from. Meanwhile, the iconic sunflower has long been used as a child’s flower, with kids across the world enjoying watching these immense plants shoot towards the sky and measuring them each day to see how tall they’ve got. Another group of plants which can be great to grow with children is poppies because they’re easy, quick growing and will be covered with flowers throughout the Read more…

Buy Poppy Flower Seeds – Rare Red Tulip Poppies

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Turkish Tulip Poppy

Red Tulip Poppy

There are some poppies that you can buy which really make you sit up and take notice. Whether you’re a fan of Oriental poppies, of vivid and bright California specimens, or species from the Breadseed varieties, some are a must have for all collections. And if you want to add a really special and unique plant to your garden then the Red Tulip Poppy flower seeds are Read more…

Feathery Poppies – Add Dimension With Papaver Laciniatum

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Poppy Flower Seeds Violet Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Violet'

Gardening is often far more than simply putting in some beautiful plants, nurturing them and looking forward to stunning blooms. To get the most from any garden you want to ensure that as many dimensions are covered as possible, including making steps to bring sounds, fragrances and movement into the garden. And if you want to bring the latter into your outside space, then using the feathery Read more…

Red Poppy Flowers to Make Your Garden Glow

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 Red Papaver Rhoeas Shirley Poppy

Red Papaver Rhoeas Poppy

When poppies are mentioned the first color that often springs to mind is red. Popular around the world the red poppy, with its black spots, has become an iconic symbol of global remembrance. It is regarded as a beautiful natural species and is often shown in images depicting golden corn fields with tiny dormice clambering amongst stalks. There are many gorgeous red poppy varieties which are perfect for the garden, and by including this wonderful flower into your outside space you can add a touch of historic nostalgia to any planting Read more…