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How to: Propagate Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies 'Fancy Feathers' Poppy Seeds

Oriental Poppy 'Fancy Feathers'

One of the most amazingly spectacular poppy families is that of the Oriental poppies, Papaver Orientalis. Offering gardeners huge decadent blooms, Oriental poppies are loved by horticulturists and continue to grace herbaceous borders and cottage gardens around the planet. Another great benefit of the family is that they are perennial, meaning that they will rise out of the soil year after year to fill flowerbeds with stunning color.

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Pattys Plum'

Oriental Poppy 'Pattys Plum'

Propagating Oriental poppies is not as easy as annual varieties as they do not grow from seed as readily. That being said, many plants can be grown from packets of seeds which have been carefully gathered and store from the previous growing season. However, once you have oriental poppies in your garden one of the best ways to create new plants is by splitting individuals, or taking root cuttings.

Oriental Poppies 'Queen Alexandra' Poppy Seeds

Oriental Poppies 'Queen Alexandra'

Splitting a plant, or taking a root cutting, should only be done when a plant is several years old as reducing an Oriental poppy’s size will leave the original specimen more vulnerable than before. If you want to split a plant simply dig the entire poppy out of the soil shortly after flowering and when the leaves have died back. Most individuals ready for splitting will show obvious side plants with their own root ball. These can simply be detached with a spade or secateurs, planted into their own pot, and nurtured until they have established themselves. Meanwhile, if you want to take a root cutting, lift the plant as before, find a section of root between two and four inches long and careful snip from the main plant. This root should then be placed in a tray of moist compost with a thin covering of soil. Over the following weeks it will start to grow its own roots, and before long will start creating the foliage of a new plant.

Oriental Poppy 'Turkenlouis' Papaver Orientale

Oriental Poppy 'Turkenlouis'

Both of these methods are fantastic for creating new plants for your garden. And if regularly undertaken, you can have a garden bursting with Oriental poppies in no time.
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