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One Stop Poppy Seeds Shoppe Increases Oriental Poppy Range

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'


Prg (Press Release) – Feb 21, 2011 – One Stop Poppy Shoppe  is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 having extended its Papaver Orientalis range to include more varieties than ever before. Adding to their already extensive range of Oriental poppies, One Stop Poppy Shoppe has now included Ruffled Patty, a decadent lavender pink bloom with multiple feathered petals.

Cavour, WI, February 21, 2011 – Specialist poppy retailer One Stop Poppy Shoppe  has announced that a new Oriental poppy has been added to its extensive range of poppy seeds. Adding a girly flair to the range, Ruffled Patty offers large flowers of deep pink, perfect for incorporating into any border. With double ruffled and feathered petals, Ruffled Patty’s color is highlighted even more with its deep brown pollen center, creating a stunning bloom for the garden. And with some of the strongest stems within the Papaver Orientalis group, Ruffled Patty will ensure blooms are kept hovering in the air above borders with minimal stem breakages.

Oriental poppies are very popular because they are perennial in nature, allowing gardens to enjoy blooms years after year without having to sow new seeds. Growth starts in the early spring, with fresh new leaves appearing above the soil. As soon as the warmer weather appears, specimens of Papaver Orientalis start to grow vigorously, putting tall, bud laden stalks several feet into the air. Blooms are often large and distinctive, providing huge petals and deep pollen centers to attract garden visitors, whether human or insect. And with a great range of hues, gardeners can create stunning displays whether chic and sophisticated, or hot and tropical.

After flowering, Oriental poppies should be cut right back to the ground, and as such make perfect plants for herbaceous and flower borders. Growing before many other plants have got started, gardeners can enjoy an early onset of poppy blooms before cutting back and allowing other plants to take over the space. And with plants remaining hardy to cold weather, gardeners can look forward to new growth appearing the following year.

With an extensive range of poppy varieties, One Stop Poppy Shoppe is the ideal place to find poppy seeds. All plants are grown in a 100% organic setting and are never treated with pesticides or fungicides to ensure that all seeds are clear from contamination. Gardeners wanting to discover more about the plant varieties can visit http://www.onestoppoppyshoppe.com or contact customerservice@onestoppoppyshoppe.com for information.

About One Stop Poppy Shoppe

One Stop Poppy Shoppe is a leading supplier of poppy seeds, offering an extensive range of varieties including both annual and perennial specimens, (www.onestoppoppyshoppe.com).

Currently offering more than 50 varieties, One Stop Poppy Shoppe operates out of Nicolet National Forest in Northern Wisconsin. Plants are grown in an entirely organic fashion and are free from pesticides and fungicides to reduce contamination. Shipping seeds across the planet, One Stop Poppy Shoppe supplies poppies to all countries that allow the importation of seed stocks. This excludes Australia and New Zealand.


Customer Care: customerservice@onestoppoppyshoppe.com
Website: http://www.onestoppoppyshoppe.com

  1. Liz
    02/25/2011 at 14:40

    Wow, all these poppies are so lovely. This has really inspired me to change up what I’m going to feature in my garden this spring. I was thinking about snapdragons again, but I’m definitely going with poppies this time. 🙂

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