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Plant Poppies For Creative Contrasting

Papaver Paeoniflorun White Cloud

Papaver Paeoniflorun 'White Cloud'

Many of the best planting schemes come about by the intense contrasting of plants. Using individual species’ unique characteristics you can clash colors of flower, leaf, and even stem. Plants with similar hues can be set apart by choosing different leaf shapes or flower sizes. Elsewhere, pairing miniature plants against giant specimens can greatly enhance the beautiful differences between individual varieties.

Papaver Laciniatum Violet Poppies

Papaver Laciniatum 'Violet Feathers'

With a fantastic range of poppies you can really create some stunning contrasts with specimens, which will help show off each plant’s unique characteristics. Flowers of deeply different colors work extremely well against each other, defining each plants presence in a border. Papaver Paeoniflorum varieties White and Black are beautiful against each other, while pairing the beautiful Papaver Laciniatum variety Swansdown against Violet or Crimson will work wonderfully. Meanwhile, if you want to create a perennial planting scheme, the Oriental poppy varieties of Coral Reef and Pattys Plum will look stunning against each other, while the use of Meconopsis Hensol Violet against Himalayan Blue will set each plant apart whilst maintaining a vibrant blue inspired palette.

For smaller varieties, California poppies including Red Chief and Rose Chiffon are a brilliant pairing as, while their beautiful pale leaves will intertwine well, their vibrantly different flowers will really make the colors bounce off of one another. Meanwhile, White Linen is a great pale flower to team with any vibrant hue.

Creating contrast is often a personal preference in color, shape, and height. But by pairing together plants which are vividly different from one another you can ensure that every single variety of poppy in your garden fills a border to the best of its ability and really makes your outside space shine.