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Red Poppy Flowers to Make Your Garden Glow

 Red Papaver Rhoeas Shirley Poppy

Red Papaver Rhoeas Poppy

When poppies are mentioned the first color that often springs to mind is red. Popular around the world the red poppy, with its black spots, has become an iconic symbol of global remembrance. It is regarded as a beautiful natural species and is often shown in images depicting golden corn fields with tiny dormice clambering amongst stalks. There are many gorgeous red poppy varieties which are perfect for the garden, and by including this wonderful flower into your outside space you can add a touch of historic nostalgia to any planting scheme.

Nana Allegro Papaver Orientale

Oriental Poppies "Nana Allegro"

If you want to enjoy red poppies year after year with little work some of the best plants or seeds to get are perennial specimens. The Oriental poppy specimens of Nana Allegro and Beauty of Livermere are ideal. Nana Allegro is a fantastic Asian variety of poppy which will offer you bountiful blooms of pale red up to six inches across. Meanwhile, Beauty of Livermere is a sturdy plant with large deep red flowers, perfect for creating a show stopping scene. For something with really historical significance the Great Red Papaver Bracteatum is an amazing variety which not only offers the largest red poppy flowers for the species but is regarded as a major original species in the development of Oriental poppies.

If you are looking for delicate annual varieties you cannot get better species than the Bright Red Breadseed poppy or the Red Papaver Rhoeas. Both flowering in abundance these plants will produce huge amounts of poppy seeds at the end of the season, and will light up any garden border perfectly. And by including red poppies into your garden you can create a subtle and beautiful touch of historical elegance to your flower borders.

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