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Buy Poppy Flower Seeds – Rare Red Tulip Poppies

Turkish Tulip Poppy

Red Tulip Poppy

There are some poppies that you can buy which really make you sit up and take notice. Whether you’re a fan of Oriental poppies, of vivid and bright California specimens, or species from the Breadseed varieties, some are a must have for all collections. And if you want to add a really special and unique plant to your garden then the Red Tulip Poppy flower seeds are perfect.

As its name suggests, Papaver Glaucum does not unfurl its petals in a similar way to other poppies, instead holding them upright as tulips do. This offers a great chance to enjoy this poppy’s petals, as with large black spots at the base clashing against the deep red, the upright stance of the flower showcase all aspects of this flower.

Growing up to two and half feet tall, Papaver Glaucum is quite a unique and special poppy to include in any collection whatever the rest of your varieties may be. Like the peony poppy its unique flowers disguises its true identity, making it quite a conversation piece in any garden. Meanwhile, like nearly all poppies, it is easy to grow and will bloom profusely before setting seed for the following year. As such it is a fantastic specimen to include in flowerbeds or even large containers.

Adding a really special and rare plant does wonders to invigorate the passion of growing plants, and there’s nothing quite like adding the Red  poppy flower seeds to your collection to pull you towards the garden each day. And while you enjoy this lovely variety it will also be a talked about plant with friends and family for years to come.

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