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Poppy Seeds – Poppies in the Childrens Garden

Poppy Seeds Purple Gleam

California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'

Introducing gardening to children at any early age is a great way to get young ones interested in nature. Putting in a few herbs or salad crops is a fantastic way to educate children as to where food comes from. Meanwhile, the iconic sunflower has long been used as a child’s flower, with kids across the world enjoying watching these immense plants shoot towards the sky and measuring them each day to see how tall they’ve got. Another group of plants which can be great to grow with children is poppies because they’re easy, quick growing and will be covered with flowers throughout the season.

It is important when gardening with children to keep their interest by having a range of plants which will always have something to do. While vegetables are fun to put in and eventually harvest, they can be a little dull for kids in the meantime. Meanwhile, sunflowers will easily thrill children but as they grow there is little else to do but measure them. Poppies on the other hand will offer a daily change, with seedlings growing fast and resulting plants bursting into vibrant color.

Some of the best poppies to use with children are those of California
poppies. They are low growing and so always at children’s height. They will
also provide constant blooms throughout the summer, with little hands picking
flowers a great way to keep specimens producing more buds. And at the end of
the season you will be able to collect seeds and store them for the following

Whether you grow just California poppies or introduce them with a
range of other plants, gardening with poppies and children is a great way to educate
and have fun. And if you want vibrant blooms for your garden for all your
family to enjoy, then poppies are definitely for you.