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Poppy Seeds – Create A Feminine Palette In Your Flower Garden

Raspberry Laciniatum

Raspberry Laciniatum

If you’re trying to create a soft and girly garden, full of pinks and feminine colors, using poppy seeds too, is perfect. With such a great range of flower color and type, you can ensure that there is always something blooming. Meanwhile, with many varieties being annual, even at the start of your gardening exploits, before other plants have matured, you can ensure that there is a vibrant and cheerful feeling by adding poppies.

For those wanting fluffy and explosive looking blooms there is nothing better than the two varieties Taffeta Pink White

Pink And White Taffeta

Pink And White Taffeta

and Pink Feathers.

Papaver Laciniatum - Pink Feathers

Papaver Laciniatum – Pink Feathers

A beautiful variety which was introduced in 2010, Taffeta Pink White will fill borders with deeply fringed and multi petalled flowers. Meanwhile, the Papaver Laciniatum poppy Pink Feathers is a fantastically hued bloom which will add a girly class to whatever corner it is grown in.

if you want flowers with an almost iridescent sheen to their petals, you can find no better than the two peony poppy varieties Frosted Salmon

Papaver Paeoniflorum - Frosted Salmon

Papaver Paeoniflorum – Frosted Salmon

and Bright Pink.

Papaver Paeoniflorum - Bright Pink

Papaver Paeoniflorum – Bright Pink

With densely clustered vibrant flowers, these plants are perfect for introduced an intense splash of feminine to any garden. And with the Oriental poppy variety Fancy Feathers

Oriental Poppy - Fancy Feathers

Oriental Poppy – Fancy Feathers

also offering a beautiful feathered and pink bloom, there are more than enough pink poppies to grace any garden.

So if you are creating a feminine palette in your garden and are looking for pink flowers, then consider the vast array of poppy seeds available. Quick and easy growing they will fill any space with color in the first season, allowing gardens to look amazing even in their first few months.

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