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Alpine Poppy Seeds – Papaver Alpinium

Alpine Poppy

Alpine Poppy Seeds

An absolutely stunning variety, Papaver Alpinium is an wonderful plant to add to any garden, large or small. A petite species, this alpine specimen is especially ideal for rock gardens and offers a multitude of gorgeous multicolored flowers to brighten any space at all.

A true alpine poppy, this plant is a fantastic addition to any garden and can suit a number of locations. In the front of a flower border its beautiful satiny blooms of yellow, salmon, white, and orange hues will brighten up all aspects. Its’ small height of only six to eight inches makes it an ideal rock garden plant, container variety, or even a specimen to plant into a gravel walkway.

 Easy to grow from seed, Papaver Alpinium will flower profusely from the early summer until frost, filling the space around it with continuous radiant blooms. Hardy for zones 4-9 it is a perennial plant that will appear year after year and produce an abundant number of flowers easily.

And with 500 poppy seeds in this packet, available to buy right now, any gardener can ensure that they have more than enough of these beautiful alpine plants to brighten any space.

Alpine Poppy Seeds – Papaver Alpinium

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