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Bring A Smile With Feathery Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Raspberry Feathers'

Papaver laciniatum ‘Raspberry Feathers’

Whatever kind of garden you may have it will have a certain personality. Formed by the use of your favorite plants and colors some may aspire to create a sophisticated setting of clean lines, a carefully distinguished palette, and hard landscaping. Others may want a huge colorful blousy affair, full of vibrant blooms and scents. Whatever you’re personal preference, a garden’s ambiance is uniquely created by the gardener. If you want to add a fantastically dramatic and fun flower to your garden, feathery poppies ( Papaver laciniatum ) may just be the plant for you.

Taffeta Poppies 'Pink And White'

Taffeta Poppies ‘Pink And White’

With a fantastic range, feathery poppies are produced by tightly packed petals clustered into a flower head. Creating an explosion of color these petals also ruffle slightly in the wind, adding another dimension to the garden and providing a great addition to their blousy and colorful characteristics. Papaver Taffeta offers the variety Pink and White which was introduced in 2010 and is fantastic for long lasting blooms of bright pink with white tints.

Papaver laciniatum 'Pink Feathers'

Papaver laciniatum ‘Pink Feathers’

Meanwhile varieties in the Papaver Laciniatum family include Pink Feathers which provides flamingo color to borders,

Papaver Laciniatum 'Violet Feathers'

Papaver Laciniatum ‘Violet Feathers’

Violet which brings an intense splash of purple to a scheme, and Crimson Feathers whose delicate red petals will dance subtly in the breeze.

Papaver laciniatum 'Crimson Feathers'

Papaver laciniatum ‘Crimson Feathers’

Whether incorporating feathered poppies into your garden in mass or just as a few key plants spread throughout borders, these varieties offer a great addition to any setting. And with their vibrant, blousy and happy blooms soaring high on sturdy stems, visitors to your garden will not be able to help but smile upon seeing them.

Once established in your garden your feathery poppies will continue to produce poppy seeds and multiply for everlasting beauty.

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  1. Bryan
    01/30/2011 at 15:49

    Thank you for posting this information on Poppies! The pictures are beautiful and the information is super helpful. I now know what I plan to add to my garden next!! Thanks!

  2. Orrymain
    01/30/2011 at 19:22

    I love these photographs! These feathery poppies are beautiful and actually make me want to try to grow some. I’ve never done that with poppies before. As I review the ones on this page, those violet Papaver Laciniatum are gorgeous and really have me intrigued.

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