Papaver Somniferum Seeds – For Annual Flowering Delight

With such a huge range of poppies available, gardeners can have a difficult time when trying to decide which variety they want to have in their gardens, especially when it comes to Papaver somniferum seeds. Oriental poppies are perfect for herbaceous flower borders, California poppies are the ideal container plant, and Meconopsis specimens provide a welcome splash of color to moist and shady locations. However, in picking poppies, gardeners should not forget the wonderful annual specimens that are included in the Papaver somniferum family. Annual by nature, and providing a range of interesting colors and blooms, they are great plants for the addition into gardens, especially for those looking to liven up beds and borders.

Normally reaching between three and four foot in height, Papaver somniferum varieties are perfect for incorporating into flower gardens and vegetable patches. Placed in the middle of a border they can provide an interesting splash of color to any flower bed, and with a wide range of different hues available, the perfect contrast can be found. Papaver somniferum Album is a creamy white and gracious bloom, perfect as a backdrop for more intense highlights. Meanwhile, the variety Queens is a pale pink with white centre, offering a royal and graceful flower that will fit amongst other herbaceous plants and flowering shrubs with ease. And with Papaver somniferum Giganteum offering huge blooms on top of a single four foot stem, poppies can really become a feature plant in your garden.

Elsewhere, poppies included in the Papaver somniferum family are also fantastic for use in vegetable patches and allotments. Offering a bright splash of color amongst what is often a green and foliage led collage, they will add aesthetic appeal to any site. In addition, they provide the perfect lure for bees and insects which will visit flowers to access pollen and nectar. While passing through, such insects will undoubtedly also visit flowers of fruit and vegetables, unwittingly pollinating crops as they go.

For anyone wanting to create a complete poppy collection, no garden can be without Papaver somniferum Seeds varieties. And with such a vibrant range of flower shapes and colors it is hard to see why they would not be included. Single petals of the Lilac and Bright Red varieties will bring traditional poppy colors to the garden, while the Danish Flag and Drama Queen specimens bring a touch of the dramatics to any garden space. Meanwhile, with its multitude of small and feathery petals, the Lavender semi-double offers something extra, while breadseed poppies such as the Single Scarlet Fringe offer a heavily feathered petal to outshine many other blooms.

Easy to grow, these annuals are self seeding and supply a huge amount of viable seeds at the end of the season, perfect for those gardeners who want to grow more plants the following year. And with plants able to cope in the poorest of soils Papaver somniferum seeds are the ideal plant to boost poppy collections and ensure that every garden has something special flowering throughout the spring and summer months.

So now that you know the impact that Papaver somniferum seeds can have in your garden, stop on by to visit us at One Stop Poppy Shoppe. We have a huge collection of Papaver somniferum seeds available and we are eager to show you our catalog and share our expertise about poppy seeds.

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