Top 5 Poppies Seeds – The Best Poppy Seeds For Your Garden

You Can Ensure That a Range of Beautiful Poppies Are Growing in Your Garden
Poppies come in a wonderful range of assortments, styles and colors. There are specimens that are perfectly suited to a partially shaded and moist grotto in a gardens hidden corner. There are tiny and delicate plants which will bloom when nestled amongst rocks and gravel. And there are large, blousy, extroverted specimens which will flourish in perennial borders and provide flowers year after year.

   Choosing between so many plants can be difficult, which is why so many poppy lovers try to include many species in their gardens for all year around appeal. But there are some beautiful species which no gardeners should be without.

Fancy Feathers
 An Oriental perennial poppy, Fancy Feathers is one of the most stunning varieties and offers something a little extra special from many of its counterparts. Flamingo pink in color, it will certainly provide an eye catching statement piece in any border and will instantly instill a gardener’s personality in their surroundings. Unlike many other Oriental poppies, Fancy Feathers also offers a distinguished bloom in addition to its color, with ruffled and crepe-like petals giving a showy performance.
Himalayan Blue

 Probably the most traditional of the Meconopsis varieties, the Himalayan Blue poppy offers something a little bit different to the garden. Growing on mountain sides in the wild, the domestic cultivar offers a perennial plant with vibrantly blue flowers. Perfect for shady locations which are moist and in need of a colorful lift, silky blue blooms will excite gardeners as plants fill dappled shade with a sea of color.
White Cloud

 A member of the peony poppy family, White Cloud is a beautiful annual specimen which will look fantastic when planted by itself, and provide a stunning sight when combined with contrasting flowers and foliage. A flower with abundant white frills, the blooms will fill any space with a delightful collection of puffy petals, reflecting the soft fluffy clouded sky above. And like most other annual poppy varieties, its ability to self seed will have new plants appearing each and every year.
Mission Bells

 This quintessential California poppy is popular for a reason; it has beautiful flowers, comes in a range of colors, and is simple and easy to grow. While many gardeners may be looking for something a little special, common varieties shouldn’t be forgotten. Quick growing, easily cared for, and producing abundant blooms all year, any poppy lover should ensure that Mission Bells are included in their collection.
Rose Chiffon

 A delightful dwarf poppy specimen, Rose Chiffon offers a bi-color flower with vibrant pink petals softening to pastel yellow at their centre. It is the perfect plant for rock gardens and gravel gardens, but is also stunning in containers or at the edge of borders where it will spill over in a flowery show of color. Meanwhile, feathery pale foliage adds to the plants appeal. An annual in characteristic, Rose Chiffon will flower throughout the season, seeding itself abundantly as flowers fade to ensure new plants the following year.

With so many varieties available, poppy lovers can always continue to collect and grow their collection for years. However, by using some of the top five poppies seeds above, you can ensure a range of beautiful plants which each provide something just a little bit special to your outside retreat.

So now that you know the top 5 poppies seeds choices…
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    01/01/2011 at 10:10

    I need to know before order my seed. Can it be deliver to canada?



  2. 01/02/2011 at 16:11

    Hi Jaclyn,
    Yes, we do ship to Canada.
    Have fun!

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