Plant Poppies For Creative Contrasting

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Papaver Paeoniflorun White Cloud

Papaver Paeoniflorun 'White Cloud'

Many of the best planting schemes come about by the intense contrasting of plants. Using individual species’ unique characteristics you can clash colors of flower, leaf, and even stem. Plants with similar hues can be set apart by choosing different leaf shapes or flower sizes. Elsewhere, pairing miniature plants against giant specimens can greatly enhance the beautiful differences between Read more…

One Stop Poppy Shoppe Adds More Papaver Somniferum Varieties

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One-Stop-Poppy-ShoppeOne Stop Poppy Shoppe  is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 having extended its Papaver Somniferum range to include more varieties than ever before. With Mauve Form, Rye Beaner, and Afghan Pink/White added to One Stop Poppy Shoppe’s already extensive range, enthusiasts will find a great number of seeds to Read more…

One Stop Poppy Seeds Shoppe Increases Oriental Poppy Range

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'


Prg (Press Release) – Feb 21, 2011 – One Stop Poppy Shoppe  is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 having extended its Papaver Orientalis range to include more varieties than ever before. Adding to their already extensive range of Oriental poppies, One Stop Poppy Shoppe has now included Ruffled Patty, a decadent lavender pink bloom with multiple feathered petals. Read more…

One Stop Poppy Shoppe Provides Perfect Garden Blooms

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Papaver Somniferum Scarlet Fringe

Papaver Somniferum Scarlet Fringe

 WEBWIRE – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Stop Poppy Shoppe is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 with a greater range of poppy seeds than ever before. With new varieties available, along with traditional favorites, the specialist poppy firm remains the number one source of plants for poppy enthusiasts. Read more…

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How to: Propagate Oriental Poppies

Oriental Poppies 'Fancy Feathers' Poppy Seeds

Oriental Poppy 'Fancy Feathers'

One of the most amazingly spectacular poppy families is that of the Oriental poppies, Papaver Orientalis. Offering gardeners huge decadent blooms, Oriental poppies are loved by horticulturists and continue to grace herbaceous borders and cottage gardens around the planet. Another great benefit of the family is that they are perennial, meaning that they will rise out of the soil year after year to fill flowerbeds with stunning color. Read more…

Poppy Seeds – Create Elegant Borders with Antique Poppies


Peony Poppy Papaver paeoniflorum 'Flemish Antique'

Papaver paeoniflorum 'Flemish Antique'

Creating a garden palette comes down largely to your personal preference of flower types, color and fragrance. Antique and rustic looking gardens can offer a wonderful sense of calm and elegance, and there are a number of varieties of poppies which are perfect for conjuring up this desired feeling.

Whether using a vibrant colorful range of flowers or opting to stick to a small range of hues, one fantastic flower which offers a chic appeal is that of the Read more…

Fall Sowing California Poppy Seeds – Annual Garden Poppies

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California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'

California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'

Many specimens of poppy variety including papaver somniferum breadseed poppies, California poppies, and taffeta poppies are annuals and are grown from poppy seeds. This means that unless you let your plants seed themselves around the garden, you will need to save your seeds or new specimens will have to be planted each year to continue enjoying vibrant flowers. And while sowing is normally done in the spring for many varieties, planting the poppy seeds of California poppies in the fall can ensure bountiful and early blooms when the spring arrives. Read more…

Choose Alpine Poppy Seeds For Instant Color

Using This Delicate Poppy Adds Instant Lift To Your Garden

Papaver Alpinum - Alpine poppy

Papaver Alpinum - Alpine poppy

 If you are looking to add an inspiring splash of color to an alpine garden, rockery, or graveled area, using perennial alpine poppy seeds is ideal. An absolutely stunning little plant is has the huge benefit of returning… year after year, ensuring that there is always some amazing color. Meanwhile, with flowers of white, pink, red, orange, and yellow, it can put on a truly extraordinary show. Read more…

More California Poppies, Please!

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This really nice article about California Poppies popped up today, I thought you all would like it.

Welsh Poppy Seeds – Meconopsis Cambrica

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Welsh poppy-Meconopsis cambrica

Welsh poppy-Meconopsis cambrica

Meconopsis Cambrica – Welsh Poppy Seeds

 A beautiful species of Meconopsis hailing from Great Britain, the Welsh Poppy is a fantastic addition to anyone’s garden. Offering a unique and distinct flower and leaf, Meconopsis Cambrica is perfect for anyone wanting to create a woodland garden which shines with natural glory. And with gorgeous yellow flowers and a fine and fern-like foliage, the Welsh poppy is ideal.

Read more…

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Cornmeal, Parmesan, and Poppy Seed Crackers

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Cornmeal, Parmesan, and Poppy Seed Crackers

You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own crackers and you’ll feel great knowing that you can pronounce all of the ingredients. Crunchy cornmeal combined with the umami savoriness of Parmesan makes these true crowd pleasers. They’re neutral enough to pair well with cheese, but flavorful enough to stand alone. The dough is sturdy and easy to work with. Feel free to experiment by adding spices, herbs, or different types of cheese. Read more…

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Poppy Seeds Are Nutritional

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Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are a tasty little spice with health benefits that are often overlooked. They contain calcium and carbohydrates, which makes them a good source of energy, and linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), which helps to prevent heart disease. Poppy seeds can be added to salad dressings, breads, cakes, or any other baked goods, to enhance their nutritional value. Next time you are baking consider mixing in some poppy seeds to spice it up!