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Bring A Smile With Feathery Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Raspberry Feathers'

Papaver laciniatum ‘Raspberry Feathers’

Whatever kind of garden you may have it will have a certain personality. Formed by the use of your favorite plants and colors some may aspire to create a sophisticated setting of clean lines, a carefully distinguished palette, and hard landscaping. Others may want a huge colorful blousy affair, full of vibrant blooms and scents. Whatever you’re personal preference, a garden’s ambiance is uniquely created by the gardener. If you want to add a fantastically dramatic and fun flower to your garden, feathery poppies ( Papaver laciniatum ) may just be the plant for you. Read more…

Feathery Poppies – Add Dimension With Papaver Laciniatum

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Poppy Flower Seeds Violet Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Violet'

Gardening is often far more than simply putting in some beautiful plants, nurturing them and looking forward to stunning blooms. To get the most from any garden you want to ensure that as many dimensions are covered as possible, including making steps to bring sounds, fragrances and movement into the garden. And if you want to bring the latter into your outside space, then using the feathery Read more…