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Poppy Seeds – California Poppy Rosa Romantica

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California Poppy – Rosa Romantica

There are an enormous range of California poppy seeds for you to enjoy, and filling your garden with as many specimens as possible can turn into a great hobby. Beautiful white varieties such as White Linen offer an early bloom to the garden in spring, while vibrant Jelly Beans gives a host of hues to excite borders with explosive color. But one of the loveliest varieties is that of the serenely named Rosa romantica.

As its name suggest this California poppy offers petals colored with a rose hue. However, the petals are patterned with additional colors of salmon pink and pale yellow, creating an amazing and stunning bloom that will really catch the eye. And, with the blooms also being double petaled Rose romantica really offers something special to any garden.

Like all California poppy Rosa romantica is an annual specimen which will bloom profusely throughout the year before dying off as the first frosts hit. However, with this plant developing hundreds of poppy seeds at the end of its flowering year you can easily collect and store the tiny seeds so that you can sow new plants the following year.

With such a stunning bloom Rosa romantic really looks best when planted in large groups on its own. Filling a container, hang basket or window box with this stunning variety will create a showy scene that will always stop you in your tracks. Meanwhile, if you want to plant it in borders ensure that you have a contrasting backdrop so as too really show blooms off. And once you have these poppy seeds in your garden you never want to be without them again.

For more information on this beautiful bloom and to buy seeds for your garden, visit One Stop Poppy

Poppy Seeds – Create A Feminine Palette In Your Flower Garden

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Raspberry Laciniatum

Raspberry Laciniatum

If you’re trying to create a soft and girly garden, full of pinks and feminine colors, using poppy seeds too, is perfect. With such a great range of flower color and type, you can ensure that there is always something blooming. Meanwhile, with many varieties being annual, even at the start of your gardening exploits, before other plants have matured, you can ensure that there is a vibrant and cheerful feeling by adding poppies. Read more…

Buy Poppy Flower Seeds – Rare Red Tulip Poppies

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Turkish Tulip Poppy

Red Tulip Poppy

There are some poppies that you can buy which really make you sit up and take notice. Whether you’re a fan of Oriental poppies, of vivid and bright California specimens, or species from the Breadseed varieties, some are a must have for all collections. And if you want to add a really special and unique plant to your garden then the Red Tulip Poppy flower seeds are Read more…

Feathery Poppies – Add Dimension With Papaver Laciniatum

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Poppy Flower Seeds Violet Poppies

Papaver laciniatum 'Violet'

Gardening is often far more than simply putting in some beautiful plants, nurturing them and looking forward to stunning blooms. To get the most from any garden you want to ensure that as many dimensions are covered as possible, including making steps to bring sounds, fragrances and movement into the garden. And if you want to bring the latter into your outside space, then using the feathery Read more…

One Stop Poppy Shoppe Adds More Papaver Somniferum Varieties

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One-Stop-Poppy-ShoppeOne Stop Poppy Shoppe  is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 having extended its Papaver Somniferum range to include more varieties than ever before. With Mauve Form, Rye Beaner, and Afghan Pink/White added to One Stop Poppy Shoppe’s already extensive range, enthusiasts will find a great number of seeds to Read more…

One Stop Poppy Seeds Shoppe Increases Oriental Poppy Range

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'

Oriental Poppy Seeds 'Ruffled Patty'


Prg (Press Release) – Feb 21, 2011 – One Stop Poppy Shoppe  is pleased to announce that it is back in 2011 having extended its Papaver Orientalis range to include more varieties than ever before. Adding to their already extensive range of Oriental poppies, One Stop Poppy Shoppe has now included Ruffled Patty, a decadent lavender pink bloom with multiple feathered petals. Read more…

Poppy Seeds Are Nutritional

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Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are a tasty little spice with health benefits that are often overlooked. They contain calcium and carbohydrates, which makes them a good source of energy, and linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), which helps to prevent heart disease. Poppy seeds can be added to salad dressings, breads, cakes, or any other baked goods, to enhance their nutritional value. Next time you are baking consider mixing in some poppy seeds to spice it up!

Poppies In Autumn

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Mid to late summer my poppies die back. After a spectacular spectacle of color, they wither and brown until I’m tired of seeing their ugly stalks and cut them to the ground. Any stalks with seed pods are carefully cut, the pods emptied out over a dish, and the empty pods saved for dried flower arrangements. The pods are not very pretty unless spray painted, but have very interesting shapes. The seeds from Papaver oriental (perennial) are saved for more plants, those from Papaver somniferum (annual) are saved for use on baked goods, plus a few a hopefully spread around the garden for next year’s poppies.

Since the plants are quite large, Read more…

Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds are a very good source of calcium, and also great coolants. Containing opium, it is cultivated for its therapeutic value and also used as a condiment or additive to bakes in some cultures.

A native of Asia Minor, the poppy plant has been used for cooking and as a valuable medicinal source (opium is a very useful drug and has been prized for its properties for centuries, across continents). It was known to the Greeks and through spice trade as well as expedition routes, reached ancient Asian regions of China and India by the seventh century. Today, Greece is no longer the home of poppy cultivation. The onus in Asia has been lifted by India, China and some Areas of Asia Minor, like the Balkans. In India poppy cultivation happens on the Himalayan foothills and the low lying hills alongside, making the Northern sub- Himalayan plain one of the richest areas for opium manufacture (which is not all positive).

Poppy seeds, for reasons that lie buried in antiquity, have symbolized honor down centuries. In the second century, poppy was cultivated for opium, and Hippocrates, as a physician, advocated the use of opium in medicine. In medieval times, Europeans used poppy seeds as a condiment for baking breads with. Till the sixth century, the Islamic and Arab cultures used opium as a narcotic, and even to this day many Middle Eastern countries use opium as a narcotic, not to speak of ancient Asian cultures. India and China too, have a large number of users of opium, in its drug form. This led to its great demand for drug users and by the nineteenth century, Europeans were trafficking in opium as a profitable business proposition. This trade ended in the Opium Wars, in which European control over the opium industry in Asia was established and Chinese domination was routed.

Holland and Canada are today, one of the world’s leaders in production of poppy seeds, mainly because they are flower producing countries, but the consumption of poppy seeds as a spice or eatable would be very minimal in these cultures, except, perhaps as a condiment and additive in baked delicacies.

As far as cultivation is concerned, the farming of poppy plant is not an easy task. To begin with, there are about 900,000 seeds in one pound of the product, tiny, sometimes round and golden and at others, kidney shaped and slate blue in color. The Egyptians cultivated them for oil back in 1500 BC, when their medicinal properties were not so well known as the fact that they produce very light, nutty flavored, pale golden colored oil.
In modern cuisine, poppy seeds are found mostly as salad dressings and on baked products like bread and muffins. When used for cooking, they give a nutty flavor and a crunchy feel to the dish, especially if they are roasted and crushed prior to usage.

In their cuisine usage, poppy seeds are extensively used in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, specially Indian, Moghlai and North West Indian cuisine. In Eastern India, where poppy seeds are grown a plenty, there are many delectable curries made with poppy seeds paste. Since they are considered to have high cooling properties, their usage is believed to relive digestive disorders, and the husk, when ground with the seeds, is a great cleanser for the system too.

The poppy seed contains extensive quantities of calcium, almost 1584 grams percent as well as phosphorus -432 grams per cent. It is very good food for lactating and pregnant mothers, for all its nutritive contents. In addition, it also contains a very high percentage of protein, in the form of globulin. This has an amino acid makeup similar to whole seed protein. In addition, these seeds contain 50% edible oil and many cultures (including ancient Egyptians), extract it for usage.

Poppy seeds have a large number of medicinal usages. However, none of its medicinal forms should be taken for more than three days in a row. Being a powerful narcotic, it might induce symptoms of addiction.

One of the best known usages of poppy seeds is as a cure for insomnia, sleeplessness. All one needs to do is take a teaspoon full of poppy seed oil every night at bedtime. Alternatively, about two tablespoons of milk extracted from poppy seeds can be mixed with sugar and had at bedtime, to induce a cure for insomnia. It is probably an effective relaxant but its narcotic properties could also be one reason for it being such a good remedy for sleeplessness.

Another condition where poppy seeds make an effective cure is dysentery. About a quarter teaspoon of poppy seeds roasted to brown, and then mixed with honey and taken twice a day effectively relieves the symptoms of dysentery as well as control dehydration.

In tropical countries, poppy seeds also serve to relieve skin conditions like the dry itch. Ground to a paste with lime juice, they are an effective remedy for the dry itch.

These are just a few of the usages that poppy seeds find in traditional medicine. However, its taste as a condiment is good enough a reason to stock poppy seeds in one’s kitchen cupboard.
By Kanika Goswami

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